Get to Know Me

14570529_1690687541259922_2333211652265042168_oI  can spin words into a web so sticky that your visitors, audience and prospective customers get trapped in it without even realizing.

I can write persuasive, compelling copies that will make them want to stick around, dangling into the web that is your business.

But I don’t throw a sentence out there just because I like the sound of it or that it makes me look clever. Instead, I back up copies with thoroughly researched data, including keyword research, target audience analysis, and competitors analysis.

No. I don’t write to flatter myself. I write to make a product or service so irresistible, the readers would want to try it… to impress them with what you offer that they will strongly believe they need it.

In short, I write to convert.

But copywriting isn’t all I do. I also manage PPC campaigns on Amazon and on Google AdWords. I’m well-versed with Facebook advertising and social media marketing, too.

I work solo.

I take responsibility for every assignment I accept. There are no other desks and chairs, no cubicles and no scurrying squirrels inside my hollow. It’s only me and my hardworking laptop… and, oh, the steaming hot brewed coffee mixed with the aromatic smell of peppermint.

I believe that I can only build a good reputation for myself through sticking to the old quote, “quality over quantity.” I will never stain my name for money. After all, I don’t trust anyone to produce the quality I want but my own awesome self.

Are you ready to do business with me? Shoot me a message.